179th STREET

Based on two true stories. The year is 1973 in Washington Heights, New York City. A boy named Pico is
born to a raped mother who dies giving labor, leaving the boy in the custody of his sick-minded uncle,
Ernesto. Ernesto keeps Pico’s life a secret by chaining him to a radiator in the basement of his corner store.
Ernesto is the only person who knows that Pico’s biological father is the same man he works for, Jesus  
“Christ” Gomez, the up and coming Dominican drug dealer who ignites the new “Crack” drug into New
York City. Jesus creates a citywide drug war between the Colombians from Queens, led by Raul Ceviche,
and “King” Cesar Colon, the Puerto Rican Heroin lord of the Bronx. The blood bath between the Latino
drug lords enables Jesus to make elite drug connections from South America, later making him the
supreme King of New York. After thirteen years of being chained in the basement,  Pico manages to escape
from the basement, but only to end up working for his biological father Jesus. Learning the “Unknown”
family business, Pico quickly sees the truth to this new found freedom. The end results in a twisted massacre
after Pico learns more about his new Boss Jesus. This film is a look into the lives of immigrant people who                                                                                                         are after the American Dream but only find an American Nightmare.