Luis Jimenez - Associate Producer 
Creator of The Luis Jimenez Show with the most popular radio morning host in the United States brings a daily fix of comedy, song parodies, celebrity interviews and daily topics including wacky news from around the world to TV media giant Univision and it's audience. Radio superstar Jimenez has become the No. 1 morning entertainer in the New York market and the most listened to Spanish radio morning program in the U.S. It was syndicated in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and heard worldwide on the show's website, El Vaciló, which also became the No. 1 radio morning show online. Jimenez’s appeal attracted a stellar list of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jimmy Smits, Geraldo Rivera, Andy Garcia, Danny Trejo, Emilio Estefan, John Leguizamo and even non-Spanish speaking guests such as Donald Trump, Dr. Ruth, Magic Johnson and Don King. Jimenez's talent reaches beyond radio. His first album Tortilla Party was nominated for a prestigious Billboard Latin Music Award, marking the first time a radio personality had received the honor. He's sold out shows at The Comedy Garden and at the New York Comedy Festival and, in March 2002, his live show had the honor to be the first Latin comedy show to be held at the world's biggest arena, Madison Square Garden. In 2005, Jimenez released his first feature film, El Vacilón: The Movie which had a nine-week run in limited release with a subsequent and successful DVD transition. Jimenez's rise to fame has been covered in various international media including Penthouse, Crain's, The New Yorker, Media Week, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, CNN, CBS-TV, ABC-TV, NBC-TV, Fuji TV Japan, BBC, CBS', and Univision. He also triumphed on television with two programs, Sabado 47 and WEPA! which he created and produced. In addition, Jimenez is currently the voice of HBO Latino and The History Channel en Español. Because of his accomplishments and influence in the Hispanic community, Jimenez has received many honors, including being named the Padrino (Godfather) of the National Puerto Rican Day by the then First Lady of the United States Hillary Clinton. In 2010 Jimenez and his partner Alma Maria met with Ariel "Gato" Luna and since then been partners on the 179th Sreet Project. His audience reach and celebrity exposure will elevate marketing exposure of 179th Street to the next level.                      

Maria E. Alma - Associate Producer
Marie E. Alma is the Executive Producer of The Luis Jimez Show on 96.3 FM in New York City. She got her start in the radio business in Miami where she was the Assistant to the Program Director  on El Zol 95.7 FM. In 1995 she moved to New York where she worked in the Programming Department at three different Spanish radio stations for Spanish Broadcasting Sysytem's WPAT, WSKQ and La X. She  won awards for Producing and Co-ordinating a sell out show in Madison Square Garden called "El Concierto del Siglo" The Concert of the Year. She then conquered radio in Boston , Massachusets. She later returned to New York where in 2002 she raised the ratings at 97.9 FM El Vacilón de la Mañana. In 2007 Alma connected with Luis Jimenez where the created The Luis Jimenez Show on 96.3 FM La Calle. Around the time of the release of Danny Trejo's "Machete" was released Alma and Ariel "Gato" Luna had connected to do an interview with Danny on Alma's radio show.  Luna introduced Alma to the project who in turn intoduced it to Luis Jimenez and they have been partners from that moment. Maria E. Alma brings a true definition of a Latino Entrepreneur, and she was the perfect addition to the 179th Street Project.

Vladamir Flener - Associate Producer
Flener is a diverse entrepreneur with experience in areas such as government and large corporate project management, entertainment, and e-business. He started his professional career in Europe in 1982 leading various multi-million dollar projects for the Czechoslovakian government after graduating from the Polytechnical University. After relocating to the USA, he joined the US Army and earned his Business Management Masters degree in 1989. Since that time he gained  expertise managing various motion picture production projects while working for Universal Studios in the 1990’s and then Universal Music Group. He was also a producer of several urban documentaries, including the notable piece based on the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. Flener has been also successful in the private sector. He started the very unique entertainment company, CS Worldne, that managed and promoted accomplished Eastern European artists in North America. In 2006 he successfully sold his company and started a talent management company called "Music Enemy" that actively seeks new musicians and actors for their professional development. In 2004 he was the key team member for the Boomerang Enterprises investment group that acquired the bankrupt multi-functional venue “Club 195” in Downtown Anaheim, CA. He turned the club into a profitable facility within the first year . He is the architect of the Film’s business model.     

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